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Buyer's Agent


We Can Help You Find the Perfect Home


Couture Properties has the experience to assist a home buyer with the purchase of a home for whatever purpose they choose.  Many buyers are looking for these types of homes: 

Retirement   -   Vacation   -   Investment   -   Primary Home

"We have the experience to help a buyer make the decision that best suits their lifestyle needs.  If you are looking to purchase a home and would like an expert to help guide you along the way, just give us a call at (352) 430-2628."


You will need assistance in the following areas, which we can provide:

  1. Pre-qualification for your home purchase

  2. Finding the perfect property for your needs

  3. Assist you through the entire purchasing process and successful closing.

If you are an investment buyer, we can advise you of the most profitable way to rent and market your home based on the years of experience we have in the rental market.

If you purchase a vacation home, we can help to determine how our rental program can be a benefit to you.

Looking for a retirement home? We are members of the MLS and have access to all the available homes for sale.  Just give us a call.

First time home buyer?  We can help find your dream home, preowned or new.  Give us a  opportunity to assist you.

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